Press release


Mosman Stainless Steel has found a strong partner for the future in Anders Invest


On 8 March 2018, Anders Invest acquired shares in Mosman Stainless Steel. As a rapidly growing company, Mosman was looking for a powerful partner with a long term vision to enable it to further strengthen its market position. The two shareholder directors, Rob Brinkert and Cees van Noort, will continue as directors in the long term.

Mosman operates worldwide as a producer and seller of heat exchangers for bulk solids. The heat exchangers are used in a wide range of production processes, particularly for cooling, heating and drying bulk solids. The main applications are plastic, sugar, seeds for bio-based industry and fertilizer. The company designs and produces the heat exchangers in house. Mosman has developed its own laser welding machine to weld the pillow-plates. Mosman has a diverse international client portfolio with many big multinational clients. Here is a link to a video. Besides the heat exchangers, Mosman has been a relevant regional player in stainless steel metal working since 1879.

Anders Invest makes long term investments in Dutch SMEs, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Anders Invest does this with its own resources and with money entrusted to Anders Invest by third parties. Anders Invest provides venture capital of between € 1 million and € 15 million to businesses with an enterprise value up to € 50 million. As such, their aim is the acquisition of shares (both minority and majority shares). They work with a long term focus, are hands-on and value-oriented.

Through this partnership, Mosman expects to be an even stronger partner for its clients.

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