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Vertical Heat Exchangers with minimal product caking

The vertical heat exchanger for bulk solids.

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Horizontal Heat Exchangers

The horizontal heat exchanger for bulk-solids.

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General Deliveries

Quality welding and custom made solutions

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Pillow Plates, as used in heat exchangers

Efficient technique for heat distribution.

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About Mosman

Mosman Stainless Steel

Mosman has a rich heritage that dates back to 1879. Originally started as a supplier to the textiles industry, we focused on the production of stainless steel products and installations in the 1970's. We are specialised in the production of and know-how on Vertical Heat Exchangers, Pillow Plate Solutions, General Deliveries and Horizontal Heat Exchangers.



Mosman sees quality as paramount importance. That is why we are proud to be ISO 9001 and 3834-2 certified.

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Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers - Vertical
Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers - Horizontal
General Deliveries
Pillow Plates
Mosman Slot Manifold
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